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Subject: [Oversea] 台灣鳥類撞擊貼紙 - Bird collision sticker [Print This Page]

Author: wcaptain    Time: 28/12/2009 11:02     Subject: 台灣鳥類撞擊貼紙 - Bird collision sticker


Author: lalan    Time: 28/12/2009 11:27

Author: wcaptain    Time: 28/12/2009 14:25

The effectiveness is case by case. In most cases (Kam Tin Bypass, KFBG), it works quite well. Otherwise, it is not recommended in a number of countries.
Author: Sze    Time: 28/12/2009 20:19

外國有研究証明其實這類型的貼紙並不能很有效防止鳥撞, 因為雀鳥會試圖在貼紙與貼紙間穿過, 結果仍是撞上了玻璃!


Author: lalan    Time: 28/12/2009 23:16

I am interest in the case of the Kam Tim Bypass, can Captain tell me more?
Author: wcaptain    Time: 29/12/2009 09:26

Oh, we are talking about two diff scenarios - (1) windows in a house and (2) typical transparent noise barrier along highways.

For (1), yes I agree stickers may not perform well in some cases  but our experience here indicates it could significantly reduce the no of cases. My estimate is from about 5 collisions per yr to nearly once every two yrs.

If it is a house and collision still occurs after putting on stickers, pls fill the gap with some decorations (photo frames, pine cones etc). We tried this before (stickers + cones) and it works very well.   

For (2), our understanding from the Kam Tin Bypass case around 2004 suggests it also helps to cut down the number of collision. It used to kill a lot of birds (spotted doves, flowerpeckers, warblers....) After put the stickers on, dead birds have not been reported for a long time.

Putting stickers on transparent noise barrier is now a standard practice for new highways, e.g. Deep Bay Link and highways around Tsing Yi.

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Author: subbuteo    Time: 29/12/2009 09:40

Hi Captain,

Are these stickers available locally?  I have had a few bird strike on the glass of my roof.  


Author: wcaptain    Time: 29/12/2009 10:17


Sorry not available in the market. So, it must be DIY. The falcon silhouette is shown here.

Alternatively, you could make a template first and then spray with the snow spray as a temporary measure.


Author: lalan    Time: 29/12/2009 10:34

THX Captain!
But I am wander in the case of Kam Tim Bypass, there were the decrease of birds flying pass in that area,
but no the birds collision no..
One point on the Shap Pat Heung Road had found no bird been killed after 2007,
because the building had block the way.
Author: wcaptain    Time: 29/12/2009 10:45

That's why it is "case by case". This kind of issue is always confounded by a number of factors.

For the Shap Pat Heung Road case, there are two rows of transparent noise barriers - one higher and one lower. These two rows of windows may cause "illusion" to the birds and so they may think there is just one row of window. Just speculation.

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Author: 深藍-Owen    Time: 29/12/2009 11:16

subbuteo, may order it from the web : ... .asp?idproduct=2624 ... .asp?idproduct=4588
Author: subbuteo    Time: 29/12/2009 11:23

Thanks for the replies.

Author: lalan    Time: 29/12/2009 18:15

But these two rows of transparent noise barriers didn't "overlay" on the same side .
This part only.

Image Attachment: 291209 (12) (Small).JPG (29/12/2009 18:15, 55.05 KB) / Download count 215

Author: wcaptain    Time: 2/01/2010 00:27


Grateful if you could mark down the locations of most dead birds on the photo. This fact is useful for futher discussion.


Author: lalan    Time: 4/01/2010 23:52

dear captain
I had marked on the map
the NB116 had killed 12
the NB140 & NB141 had killed 17

may be we can take a walk on this road, if you have time.

Image Attachment: map of shap pat heung rd the most (Large).JPG (4/01/2010 23:52, 166.94 KB) / Download count 206

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