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Subject: [Hong Kong] Offshore Wind Farm near Lamma 海 上 風 力 發 電 場 [Print This Page]

Author: wcaptain    Time: 8/02/2010 12:25     Subject: Offshore Wind Farm near Lamma 海 上 風 力 發 電 場

FYI. Likely to affect migratory terns, esp Aleutian Terns.

Deadline of public inspection - 9 March 2010
公 眾 查 閱 期 : 2010年 2月 8日 至 2010年 3月 9日 ... _1772009/index.html
Author: HFCheung    Time: 8/02/2010 14:08

I am very concerned about this development. The HKBWS conservation committee should follow this up. By reading carefully the EIA report and our own data, HKBWS should assess whether the proposed site is suitable for wind farm. We do not want to lose all the seabirds that we have found in the past in this area, such as Aleutian Tern, Skuas, and Shearwaters.

HF Cheung
Author: kmike    Time: 8/02/2010 14:30

I was invited to to preview this report a few weeks ago and have made some recommendations. It will be interesting to read this report and see if they have been taken on board.

In addition to seabirds I am also concerned about night-flying migrants and of course White-bellied Sea Eagle.

I have asked for radar monitoring of migrants to be conducted and for a major review of their methodology for assessing impacts during the operational phase - one boat trip per month is clearly insufficient to find birds hit by turbine blades!

Author: lalan    Time: 24/02/2010 10:05

南丫島擬建風力發電場 魚不聊生 (南丫島離岸風力發電場專題之一)

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