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Author: cgeoff    Time: 21/03/2010 08:18     Subject: Hot Topics

I wonder if it's possible to change the format of the Hot Topics list? At the moment, the composition and order of the list appears to be dictated by the number of times topics are visited. The problem with this is that it means that topics which are now out of date and probably haven't been visited much for a long time remain there, simply because they were very popular at some time in the past.

There are topics on this 'Hot' list for which the last post dates back to October and December 2006! Seems pretty cold to me! Given the number of visits to the 'A New Bird Killer...' topic, it would appear likely that this will remain at top of the list for some years yet! Yet it is hardly of that much interest now.

I would suggest that, if possible, the composition of this list be determined not by the total number of the visits, but by the number of visits in the past one month. This would be a much more accurate reflection of how 'hot' a topic is.


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Author: kmike    Time: 21/03/2010 09:53

Mike K
Author: Jonathmartinez    Time: 21/03/2010 09:55

I fully agree with you.
I have to say that this hot topics list was interesting for me new comer to see what's happened this past year but after that it's allready a long time that i did'nt look at it.
A 1 month period hot topic list should be much ore usefull and dynamics.

Author: Web Osprey    Time: 2/07/2010 15:56

Author: John Holmes    Time: 2/07/2010 18:11

Well Done !

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