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Subject: [Jaegers] Pomarine Jaeger [Print This Page]

Author: cywong    Time: 14/04/2010 23:16     Subject: Pomarine Jaeger

Southern Waters of Hong Kong,  04/04/2010

Thanks to Paul for organizing this boat trip and thanks to 阿維 for noticing me that this skua was flying towards us.

Image Attachment: 4.jpg (14/04/2010 23:16, 94.57 KB) / Download count 199

Image Attachment: 5.jpg (14/04/2010 23:16, 104.47 KB) / Download count 187

Author: messenger879    Time: 27/03/2011 23:54

may I ask what gear used for taking these shots ..?  Thx
Author: cywong    Time: 28/03/2011 22:19

These photos were taken with 1D Mark III and 400mm lens.

May I know why you are interested in these photos which were posted about 1 year ago?
Author: DCW    Time: 21/04/2011 22:25

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