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Subject: Brown Bush Warbler 棕褐短翅鶯 [Print This Page]

Author: Yung    Time: 22/06/2010 23:28     Subject: Brown Bush Warbler 棕褐短翅鶯

Location: Tai Om Shan
Date: 13 Dec 2009

Thank you for viewing; with special thanks to Mike and Dylan.

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Author: lchunfai    Time: 22/06/2010 23:41

Nice !! It's difficult to take such a good photo of this small bird
Author: Yung    Time: 23/06/2010 18:27

Thanks Fai Chai
Author: kmike    Time: 24/06/2010 21:23

A nice picture Yung - its good to have such a good photo of one of the best birds of the year in Lam Tsuen.

Very glad that you were finally able to post it.  do you have any pix which show the underside of the tail?

Author: Yung    Time: 26/06/2010 09:55

Thanks Mike, the photos I have only show the upperside of the warbler's tail.
Are there special features on the underside of its tail?
Author: wleepoin    Time: 26/06/2010 12:28

Good picture of a skulking species, congratulations!

Author: Yung    Time: 28/06/2010 11:42

Thanks Wleepoin

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