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Subject: [Hong Kong] Bird Trap in Long Valley (2010/8/8) [Print This Page]

Author: schindler    Time: 8/08/2010 23:14     Subject: Bird Trap in Long Valley (2010/8/8)

I am sad to know that this Wood Sandpiper is not the sole victim, after reading this forum.
This bird is saved by me, but it cannot fly afterward...

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Author: HKBWS Vicky    Time: 9/08/2010 10:02

Thank you for posting this news to the BBS!
Can you tell me the location of the trap? is it near Yin Kong?
Did you report to AFCD immediately?
Thank you!!
Author: schindler    Time: 9/08/2010 12:25

Hi Vicky,

I have reported to Mr.Shek of AFCD last night by email, as I don't know it's illegal trap at first. The farm is near Yin Kong.
But I don't know how to describe the exact location to help them.
Is there any map which is easy to locate the farm?

Thank you~~

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Author: schindler    Time: 9/08/2010 13:33

I have located the site on google map. I think the victim in previous post is found at here too. ... 82&ll=22.505887,114.112614&spn=0.002508,0.003632&t=h&z=18&brcurrent=3,0x3403f666aefb58d3:0xe40347e8c590cf42,1,0x3403f5db5f172d93:0xe20b08e8053ec4d8
Author: HKBWS Vicky    Time: 9/08/2010 14:42

Thank you Schindler!
I'm sorry the google map is not tagged. But we have a brief idea on the location of the field.
AFCD is going to the site today. Hope they will clear the net.
Thank you so much!
Author: schindler    Time: 9/08/2010 16:21

That's great to hear the prompt action of AFCD~!
Author: schindler    Time: 11/08/2010 17:44




Author: HKBWS Vicky    Time: 17/08/2010 15:35

Last Tuesday, AFCD has put 2 warning notices in the field where mist net was found. Here is the photo of the notice:

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