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Subject: [Frigatebirds] Unknown Frigatebird (no photo) [Print This Page]

Author: fatchun    Time: 13/08/2010 18:35     Subject: Unknown Frigatebird (no photo)

Today morning, 8:30am,I saw a frigatebird flying over the Fan Kam Road, from east of Hong Kong (direction of Sai Kung/ Tolo Harbour) toward the direction of Mai po. As the sky is cloudy and I do not have bino., I can't see clearly the colour of it.

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Author: kmike    Time: 14/08/2010 09:12

Eyes on the sky everyone - it's just a short left turn from Fan Kam Road to Lam Tsuen - hoping for a monster patch tick!

Mike K
Author: fatchun    Time: 14/08/2010 23:56

Is it strange to see that bird on that way? I don't realize why I see that bird on the Fan Kam Rd...

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