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Subject: [Eagles] Imperial Eagle 白肩鵰 Eating 進食 [Print This Page]

Author: DanielCKChan     Time: 25/01/2007 23:13     Subject: Imperial Eagle 白肩鵰 Eating 進食

Imperial Eagle
Mai Po 米埔

Author: wcaptain    Time: 26/01/2007 09:21

Hi Daniel,

Excellent photos of high reference value.

Is it a live Little Egret captured by this raptor? Or this raptor eating a dead bird?

Pls advise.

Author: sdavid    Time: 26/01/2007 09:39

I must admit, I thought it looked like the eagle was carrying an avocet.  

Now I can't workout what it is!
Author: DanielCKChan     Time: 26/01/2007 10:29

Dear both, this is an avocet. I will show you another photo about the catching time later, though the photo quality is quite poor......
Author: wcaptain    Time: 26/01/2007 13:44

The leg looks like a Little egret. anyway, many thanks.... Captain
Author: kmike    Time: 26/01/2007 22:21

Imperial Eagles have been eating Avocets all winter, seems likely that this is one.

Mike K

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