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Subject: Black-headed Bunting? [Print This Page]

Author: rachelgreen    Time: 6/07/2011 17:14     Subject: Black-headed Bunting?

is that Black-headed Bunting?


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Author: kmike    Time: 6/07/2011 22:18

hard to tell - no pic
Author: cgeoff    Time: 7/07/2011 10:12

Pls also let us know where and when it was photographed.

Author: subbuteo    Time: 7/07/2011 19:49

It looks like it is perched on a hawthorn/blackthorn twig.
Author: ajohn    Time: 8/07/2011 09:42

I agree, which makes it unlikely that the photo is from Hong Kong.
Well, that and the fact that it is a singing spring male.
Author: EricB    Time: 25/07/2011 06:32

Come on Rachel , put us out of our misery. My money's on the greek island of Lesvos in  May, but there are other possibilities!
Author: wgeoff    Time: 25/07/2011 17:43

Rachel is as mysterious as EricB
Author: Jonathmartinez    Time: 25/07/2011 18:45

a other mystere is that the pic has changed with the original one on this post showing a immature standing on the ground in a small track...
Author: ddavid    Time: 25/07/2011 22:50

If you right-click on the photo and then click on 'Properties', you can see that the photo was taken in Armenia in May 2007 and is from the Birding World website.

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