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Subject: [Auks] Japanese Cormorant 暗綠背鸕鷀 [Print This Page]

Author: gary    Time: 5/02/2012 17:00     Subject: Japanese Cormorant 暗綠背鸕鷀

A Japanese Cormorant was seen over Long Ke Sea at Sai Kung today.

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Author: thinfor    Time: 6/02/2012 00:20

Wow?!  Really a great find!
Author: cchristina    Time: 6/02/2012 11:52

So jealous~
Author: handrew    Time: 6/02/2012 15:18

Very interesting. I reported 4 cormorants flying around / on the water below our house in Sai Kung a few days ago (Feb 3rd). I guess this sighting would be just the other side of the hills. Maybe they are regular and I just miss them but I hadn't seen them before and they did not stay long. We look out over Tai chau, Lap sap chau, & Yeung chau. I wish I had scoped them now but I was busy working :-(

Author: brendank    Time: 6/02/2012 17:17

I suspect Japanese Cormorant may be somewhat regular in winter offshore. But without a boat it's a very hard bird to look for.

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