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Subject: [Murrelet] Japanese and Ancient Murrelet [Print This Page]

Author: brendank    Time: 21/04/2012 20:18     Subject: Japanese and Ancient Murrelet

21 April 2012 - Southern Waters

Thanks John & Jemi for organizing this trip and John for spotting the Japanese Murrelet!

Japanese Murrelet

Ancient Murrelet

Image Attachment: japanese1.JPG (21/04/2012 20:18, 63.32 KB) / Download count 550

Image Attachment: japanese2.JPG (21/04/2012 20:18, 69.5 KB) / Download count 570

Image Attachment: japanese3.JPG (21/04/2012 20:18, 63.21 KB) / Download count 541

Image Attachment: ancient1.JPG (21/04/2012 20:18, 77.63 KB) / Download count 540

Image Attachment: ancient2.JPG (21/04/2012 20:18, 71.08 KB) / Download count 528

Author: cywong    Time: 21/04/2012 20:49

Wow! Great photos of Japanese and Ancient Murrelets!
Author: lyatming    Time: 21/04/2012 20:52

Great Find! Congrad.
Author: John Holmes    Time: 21/04/2012 21:57     Subject: Murrelets

Some photos from today.

It was nice to hear the Ancient Murrelets calling to each other.

Image Attachment: [Ancient Murrelets] 120421_04-01.jpg (21/04/2012 21:57, 51.5 KB) / Download count 482

Image Attachment: [Ancient Murrelet] 120421_02-01.jpg (21/04/2012 21:57, 51.78 KB) / Download count 477

Image Attachment: [Japanese Murrelet] 120421_05-01.jpg (21/04/2012 21:57, 68.7 KB) / Download count 459

Author: twallace    Time: 21/04/2012 22:02

Great find ! Great shots ! Congratulations~~~
Author: cywong    Time: 21/04/2012 22:31

Excellent shots, John. Thanks for sharing!
Author: wleepoin    Time: 22/04/2012 06:10

Amazing records. BRAVO !!!


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Author: LCY    Time: 22/04/2012 07:51

Good photos and fruitful trip. I wish I was there.
Author: wgeoff    Time: 22/04/2012 19:53

Great record.

It seems this Japanese Murrelet has the same flight feather problem (see the third photo above) that the First Record in 2007 had, only in an earlier stage - see photos by Tony on this thread ... ;highlight=murrelet

I wonder what is going on here?


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Author: brendank    Time: 22/04/2012 21:26

Yes, this bird did have noticeable wear on the primaries. I think we saw this bird flying. The Murrelet had drifted behind us and when we went to the back of the boat to look for it we saw a Murrelet in flight. I couldn't be totally sure it was the same bird and I didn't get a photo of it flying. Shortly afterwards we did see two Ancient Murrelets so it is possible the flying bird wasn't the Japanese.

I don't really know why there was so much feather wear either but I think there has been considerable feather wear on some of our other rarities. Red-footed Booby and Glaucous-winged Gull come to mind.
Author: kkitty    Time: 22/04/2012 22:04

Thanks John & Jemi for arranging this boat trip. It was really wonderful and amazing to see two kinds of murrelet in one day.

Japanese Murrelet

Ancient Murrelet

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Author: Ken    Time: 22/04/2012 22:53

Congratulate all of you!Excellent photos!!
Author: isaac_chan    Time: 23/04/2012 06:27

Thanks to John & Jemi for organizing this trip.

Japanese Murrelet 冠海雀

Ancient Murrelet 扁嘴海雀

Author: John Holmes    Time: 23/04/2012 06:48     Subject: Murrelet photos....

Great shots, Kitty and Isaac !
Author: AjaA    Time: 23/04/2012 18:18

Here's the flying bird from Saturday. It looks more like an Ancient Murrelet to me. And since the two we saw later stuck together, and the other one flew were badly, I don't think this bird was either of those, so probably a third one.

Image Attachment: AncientMurrelet_20120421_HK_SW_9031.jpg (23/04/2012 18:18, 57.38 KB) / Download count 354

Author: brendank    Time: 23/04/2012 21:14

Interesting... so we didn't see the Japanese Murrelet fly. Maybe it couldn't fly.

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Author: kkitty    Time: 23/04/2012 21:51

A bit closer but blur look.  Feather damage??

Author: isaac_chan    Time: 23/04/2012 21:59

Add an animation of the Ancient Murrelet flapping its wings.

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