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Subject: [Hong Kong] 燕鷗疑被魚絲纏死 Tern possibly killed by Fishing line [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 10/07/2012 14:58     Subject: 燕鷗疑被魚絲纏死 Tern possibly killed by Fishing line



漁農自然護理署關於保護燕鷗繁殖地點的單張: ... files/booklet_3.pdf

Summer is the breeding season for terns. HKBWS urges citizens not to land on the offshore islands where Terns breed ("Tern Islands"), to avoid causing disturbance to breeding terns, as this might violate the law.
According to the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance, "No person shall, except in accordance with a special permit, hunt or wilfully disturb any protected wild animal; No person shall, except in accordance with a special permit, take, remove, injure, destroy or wilfully disturb a nest or egg of any protected wild animal."

Recently, birders found a dead Tern which is suspected to be killed by fishing lines. HKBWS urges anglers not to land on Tern Islands for recreational fishing during breeding season (May - Sep); Even if fishing in other locations, HKBWS urges anglers to take away fishing lines, hooks, rubbish, etc. because these abandoned materials may harm wild birds, especially those depend on coastal environment, like terns and egrets.

AFCD's leaflet on protecting tern nesting sites: ... files/booklet_3.pdf

Kelvin Yam 提供相片 / Photo provided by Mr. Kelvin Yam

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