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Subject: Alstrom's Warbler [Print This Page]

Author: ypakwai    Time: 10/10/2012 20:36     Subject: Alstrom's Warbler

10/9/2012 Mai Po

Author: cgeoff    Time: 10/10/2012 21:04

Rathere dishevelled. Ex-captive I'd imagine.

For now, anyway...
Author: brendank    Time: 10/10/2012 21:10

But this one corresponds to the one at Po Toi and Tai Po Kau. There does seem to be a pattern right now.
Author: Andiona    Time: 10/10/2012 21:55

Great shot Ah wai
Author: kmike    Time: 10/10/2012 22:13


Any guidance on why this particular bird should be considered cage damaged rather than scruffy from natural causes would be greatly appreciated.

Author: fkm    Time: 13/10/2012 23:45

Does the bird (I suppose this is the same bird) look better on 12th?

Image Attachment: ND4_2951.jpg (13/10/2012 23:45, 35.62 KB) / Download count 329

Image Attachment: 800_4299.jpg (13/10/2012 23:45, 147.81 KB) / Download count 323

Author: cgeoff    Time: 14/10/2012 09:39

Sorry all. An unrecognised joke.

I hadn't seen it.


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Author: Jonathmartinez    Time: 14/10/2012 12:41

I recognyse it:-)

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