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Subject: [Egrets] Little Egret at Lamma Island 小白鷺 [Print This Page]

Author: tbob    Time: 11/03/2007 13:10     Subject: Little Egret at Lamma Island 小白鷺

Lamma Island 南丫島 11/03/2007

Digiscoped in light rain using a Swarovski ATS 80HD scope, 30x eyepiece & Nikon 8400 camera

Bob Thompson

Author: hkwongkit    Time: 11/03/2007 15:23

Good exposure control, Bob!
I suppose your setup handles the exposure better in this sort of lighting ...
Author: tbob    Time: 11/03/2007 15:44


It certainly prefers the softer light, it has trouble on the full sun days in handling the exposure latitude.

The setup also "enjoys" the rain as both the scope and eyepiece are waterproof and a cheap plastic bag over the camera and away you go taking shots: not like the DSLR's and expensive telephoto lenses.


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