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Subject: [Hong Kong] Yellow-breasted Bunting uplisted to Endangered 黃胸鵐提升為瀕危 [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Tung    Time: 2/08/2013 16:06     Subject: Yellow-breasted Bunting uplisted to Endangered 黃胸鵐提升為瀕危

Yellow-breasted Bunting is now suggested to uplist from 'vulnerable' to 'endangered', meaning that the population of this species have been decreasing in recent years. Discussion of the assessment could be seen in the link below.

黃胸鵐在今年的'紅色名單'檢討, 從易危提升至瀕危. 即是最近的資料顯示這鳥種的數量正在下跌. 有關討論可看下面的連結. ... list-to-endangered/
Author: ajohn    Time: 2/08/2013 17:52

Also of interest to Hong Kong are ongoing discussion about the potential for uplisting Grey-tailed Tattler (to Near Threatened: ... to-near-threatened/) and Great Thick-knee (to NT or VU: ... ened-or-vulnerable/).

There are other ongoing discussions relevant to birds in China (e.g. Silver Oriole, Blackthroat, Rufous-headed Robin). White-faced Plover (dealbatus) is proposed for listing as Data Deficient.

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