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Subject: 如何Upload相? [Print This Page]

Author: Lionel_Wong    Time: 28/08/2013 15:18     Subject: 如何Upload相?

Author: HKBWS Vicky    Time: 28/08/2013 16:03

請參考香港觀鳥會討論區使用指南 ... &extra=page%3D1
Author: Lionel_Wong    Time: 30/08/2013 23:54     Subject: 嚴正抗議

得100kb ,得禁少,有沒有搞錯!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: puppymic    Time: 31/08/2013 00:56

Apply a free album at Photobucket (, upoad your photos in that free album.

1) At photobucket, select your photo and click the IMG code, the URL will be copied

2) Paste the IMG Code in your message
Author: Lionel_Wong    Time: 22/12/2013 18:52

Author: Lionel_Wong    Time: 22/12/2013 19:02


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