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Subject: [Hong Kong] 紅色名錄Red List 2013 – 國際鳥盟檢討結果Decisions from BirdLife [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Helen    Time: 5/09/2013 18:07     Subject: 紅色名錄Red List 2013 – 國際鳥盟檢討結果Decisions from BirdLife

國際鳥盟昨公佈紅色名錄2013檢討結果,超過20種雀鳥將被提升瀕危級別,包括定期在香港有紀錄的黃胸鵐。黃胸鵐經檢討後將從「易危」(VU) 提升至「瀕危」 (EN) 級別,該鳥種或因受越冬地的捕鳥活動影響,於繁殖地的數量錄得嚴重跌幅。紅色名錄2013 經核准後將於2013年11月上傳至國際鳥盟及國際自然保護聯盟 (IUCN) 網站。

另外99種雀鳥的瀕危級別將推延至2014年初進行檢討,當中包括過境遷徙鳥灰尾漂鷸。該鳥種現時的瀕危級別為「無危」(LC) ,近年於澳洲主要的棲息地錄得跌幅。



BirdLife International yesterday announced the decisions for evaluation of the Red List 2013. More than 20 species have been uplisted to a higher level of threat, including the Yellow-breasted Bunting (from Vulnerable to Endangered) regularly seen in Hong Kong. The population recorded a severe decline on the breeding grounds which might be owing to trapping on wintering grounds. The approved 2013 Red List is expected to be launched on BirdLife and IUCN websites in November 2013.
There are 99 species still pending for decisions and will be discussed in early 2014, including passage migrant Grey-tailed Tattler (currently listed as Least Concern) which declined in some major sites in Australia recently.

Link to the Original Text:
Final decisions for the 2013 Red List
Species List

Discussion on individual species:
1.Yellow-breasted Bunting
2.Grey-tailed Tattler

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