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Subject: List of HK Bird Data by Species(~2012)香港鳥類名錄~鳥種數據(至2012) [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Ivan    Time: 30/09/2013 14:33     Subject: List of HK Bird Data by Species(~2012)香港鳥類名錄~鳥種數據(至2012)

List of HK Bird Data by Species

Attached is based on the official records of HKBWS, i.e. those that appear in The Avifauna of Hong Kong or in subsequent HK Bird Reports up to the end of the year 2012, including records which will appear in the 2012 HKBR when published. It does not include any 2013 records or unpublished records for earlier years.

Dates highlighted in yellow are average earliest and latest dates for species which are regularly seen outside of these periods and for which no actual earliest or latest date can be given. They are not official and are intended for guidance only.

This list is maintained by the Secretary of the HKBWS Records Committee, currently Geoff Welch. It is relatively new and may contain some errors. He would welcome any comments on errors or omissions, suggestions or any other thoughts from members on the following email address

geoffwelch46    @   (please delete spaces)

Errors or omissions should be based on the officially published records of HKBWS as given above



這些資料是以香港觀鳥會的官方紀錄為基本,即香港鳥類名錄 The Avifauna of Hong Kong及不同年份的香港觀鳥報告,同時亦包括稍後出版的香港觀鳥報告2012的紀錄,但不包括任何2013年及尚未出版早年的紀錄。


這表列的資料由現任的香港觀鳥會紀錄委員會秘書Geoff Welch準備,由於這是一新近整理的資料庫,故可能會存在一些的未經發現的錯誤。會員如有發現任何錯誤及遺留,或有任何意見及建議,歡迎致函以下電郵:

geoffwelch46   @ (請自行取消空格)


HKListData2012.xls (156 KB)

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Author: thinfor    Time: 30/09/2013 19:29

Very useful data collection.  Many thanks.
Author: tmichael    Time: 1/10/2013 00:02

Fantastically useful set of data, which I will check through, as Geoff suggests, to see if there are any anomalies, even errors. However, can I suggest that some sort of very broad brush, locally based 'cause for concern' status (independent of any Birdlife etc rating) might be useful, and might encourage the submission of records of such species. For me, this  started with species #1 Chinese Francolin, one of a number of grassy hillside species we old-timers think of as common etc, but possibly threatened locally as their habitat shrinks in the face of the re-afforestation which is, perhaps, the biggest habitat change of HK in the late 20th/early 21st century.

Mike Turnbull

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Author: wgeoff    Time: 1/10/2013 06:10

That's a very good idea Mike, and I will discuss with others whether and how we could produce a 'Local Concern' list.

We need to be careful as this would become an official HKBWS designation.
But I think the idea is a good one.
Author: HKBWS Ivan    Time: 24/01/2014 12:40

The data has been updated to include the latest Records Committee decisions and Chinese names and is complete to end 2012

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