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Subject: [Quails] Japanese Quail [ 鵪鶉 ] [Print This Page]

Author: hkinni    Time: 13/10/2013 22:51     Subject: Japanese Quail [ 鵪鶉 ]


Long Valley

Author: HFCheung    Time: 14/10/2013 12:09

Two birds?
Male and female.
Author: wilsondring    Time: 14/10/2013 20:11

Original posted by HFCheung at 14/10/2013 12:09
Two birds?
Male and female.
I was at LV at the same time and took similar shots, I believe that there were two in the same area, one being slightly more yellow and also a little larger in size.  which one is the male and which one is female please?  cheers
Author: hkinni    Time: 14/10/2013 23:26

Thank you Fai Gor,  male Quail in Photo No. 3 to 5, femal in No. 1 & 2.
Author: lexusjohn    Time: 15/10/2013 09:25

Good find and great shot !

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