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Subject: 觀鳥新鮮人 [Print This Page]

Author: atbohemia    Time: 19/11/2013 16:05     Subject: 觀鳥新鮮人

大家好, 我是來自澳門的 atbohemia, 一般網友會叫我 AT 。
最近在香港濕地公園, 和澳門的龍環葡韻也實踐過一下,
見到各種不同的品種, 似乎很容易搞混,

設備方面, 由於真的是新鮮人, 所以只有最基本的觀鳥雙筒望遠鏡,
而拍攝, 目前還是無能為力呢.

現正準備申請加入觀鳥會中 (在填FORM及準備轉帳的手續),
Author: Stonechat    Time: 19/11/2013 17:31

Hi AT, 歡迎加入成為香港觀鳥會的成員﹗
Author: Lionel_Wong    Time: 22/12/2013 18:50

Welcome to HKBWS,AT
Author: tsheunglai    Time: 22/12/2013 21:26

Dear AT

Welcome to our Society. If you are interested in forest birds and like to come to Shing Mun to join me for birdwatching, you're welcome to PM me.

I usually go once a week and quite early so that I can start before eight a.m.
but I don't mind to start later if you come since it is winter.

S L Tai
Author: atbohemia    Time: 26/12/2013 17:27


And many thanks to S L Tai too~
Shing Mun is 城門?
Coz I'm living in macau, i might not able to join.
But if i come to hk and stay overnight someday, i WILL SURELY PM you for birdwatching~!

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