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Subject: [Ducks] Female Mandarin Duck [Print This Page]

Author: cywong    Time: 3/02/2014 21:26     Subject: Female Mandarin Duck

Mai Po,  03/02/2014

Probably an ex-captive bird.

Image Attachment: IMGL5693.jpg (3/02/2014 21:26, 164.73 KB) / Download count 116

Author: ajohn    Time: 3/02/2014 22:27

Why do you suggest an ex-captive bird? Most of the recent records of Mandarin have been accepted as relating to wild birds, and I would think this (a female in mid-winter) had very good credentials. I don't see any signs of damage that would suggest captivity.
Author: cywong    Time: 3/02/2014 23:27

I think it is an ex-captive bird because of its poor feather condition, although I want it to be a wild bird.

Image Attachment: IMGL5654.jpg (3/02/2014 23:27, 163.33 KB) / Download count 134

Author: lexusjohn    Time: 4/02/2014 08:54

Good find !!

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