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Subject: [Snipe] A puzzle over snipes [Print This Page]

Author: kscheng    Time: 24/03/2015 12:42     Subject: A puzzle over snipes

A family of common snipes gathered on a pond in Long Valley on March 18th.  They preyed on crustaceans, they played around, they took bath, they enjoyed the good morning.  But, how many snipes were there?

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Author: subbuteo    Time: 24/03/2015 15:35

Good question!  Definite 6 in the clear and a possible couple of camouflaged others.

I'll go for 7.

Author: kscheng    Time: 26/03/2015 13:36

Thank you for your guess, Subbuteo.  Actually two walked out from the bush after five minutes.  I did not have a final count since I left by then.

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