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Subject: [Hong Kong] 有人係大埔墟鷺林內拍 photographers disturbing tai po market colony s [Print This Page]

Author: wcaptain    Time: 25/04/2015 19:51     Subject: 有人係大埔墟鷺林內拍 photographers disturbing tai po market colony s



Author: wcaptain    Time: 25/04/2015 19:58

sorry to report that 2 photographers were seen to take photos inside the tai po market colony, causing 30 night herons unable to return their nests .

we asked them to leave but they insistedthey made no disturbance . eventually, we call ed the police .

it is expected that more photographers wi.l be thrte on sunday. so we suggested not entering the colony due to serious disturbance to nesting birds
Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 12/05/2015 12:17




Thank you Captain for your report of the incident. We have also informed the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) about it. During their inspection, they also saw some photographers taking photos at the egretry but seems the nesting ardeids were not affected. AFCD has set up warning notices at the site and will step up their patrol during the breeding season.

If anyone observed any disturbances (e.g., photographing in short distances from nests) to egretries, intervention can be considered under safe conditions; if not, please immediately report it to the Police and 1823.

Please note, disturbing a nest is a violation of the Wild Animals and Protection Ordinance (Cap. 170).  Any person who contravenes the regulations of the Ordinance shall be liable on conviction to a maximum fine of HK$100,000 and to imprisonment for 1 year.
Author: wcaptain    Time: 26/05/2015 12:38

尋日 1500 h 左右有人又在鷺林範圍影相,1530離去

Photographers were seen at the tai po market colony again around 1500 h yesterday. They left at 1530h.
Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 27/05/2015 17:53

Thanks Captain! I will keep following up the issue with AFCD and other relevant government departments. Please let me know if you have any further information/ideas/thoughts.

Author: wcaptain    Time: 30/05/2015 23:54


Author: wcaptain    Time: 30/05/2015 23:59

At least two photographers were seen at the tau po colony this morning. One even went side.

While one photographer was seen on fri pm.

The activities of these photographers have caused serious disturbance to nesting birds. By comparing the locations of nests in apr with may, those nests near the disturbed areas have been abandoned. They move to a tree off the road

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