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Subject: [Hong Kong] 反對發展綠化地帶 Reject development in Green Belt [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 27/06/2016 10:52     Subject: 反對發展綠化地帶 Reject development in Green Belt

The HKBWS understands that the rezoning is for the conservation of the grade one historic building Carrick at 23 Coombe Road.  However, we consider that nature conservation should not be sacrificed for heritage conservation, particularly when the Government has not fully explored other alternative options.  The “like-for-like” land exchange for the in-situ heritage preservation at 23 Coombe Road should be kept within residential zonings of low ecological value, while the Green Belt (GB) area of moderate ecological value should be retained as a buffer between the residential area and the Aberdeen Country Park.  The public consultation deadline is Wednesday (29 June), please submit your objection letter to TPB to protect the GB areas and to avoid potential cumulative impacts on the Black Kite roost at Magazine Gap!

城規會電郵 TPB

You can also use the online petition created by The Aberdeen Country Park Concern Group to send your views to the TPB:

Video of some background information of the rezoning produced by the Aberdeen Country Park Concern Group:

Below are major concerns of HKBWS regarding the amendment of the OZP:

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