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Subject: [China] CCTV 5-part series 2016 [Print This Page]

Author: sbena    Time: 3/10/2016 23:13     Subject: CCTV 5-part series 2016

Later this year CCTV will broadcast a 5 part series on environmental / social / wildlife issues in China. Spoon-billed Sandpiper is a running theme.

A preview here

Author: irsychan    Time: 4/10/2016 13:18

Should be very interesting.  
I look forward to watching soon.
For the preview, a spoon-billed sandpiper appeared at 01:01.
Author: HKBWS Vivian    Time: 8/11/2016 17:41

Hi all, if you can get access to channel 4 (of UK) , you can enjoy this great series at: ... eams/episode-guide/

這是一部關於中國的紀錄片. 由導演Phil Agland帶領, 歷時4年製作的China: Between Clouds and Dreams,在Channel 4開播! ... eams/episode-guide/

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