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Subject: [Geese] Greylag Geese [Print This Page]

Author: Peregrine_2P    Time: 19/11/2016 22:48     Subject: Greylag Geese

Mai Po
19th November 2016
Rare in Hong Kong.
Only FOUR winter records between 6 November and 22 March, the last being in 1997, one summer record 20 to 21 July 2012, one winter record on 21 December 2014 (Hong Kong Bird Report 2014, p34)

Image Attachment: Greyleg-goose-20161119Maipo.jpg (19/11/2016 22:48, 99.2 KB) / Download count 517

Author: ajohn    Time: 20/11/2016 12:45

This is a juvenile Greater White-fronted Goose that has been in the Deep Bay area for a few weeks with two adults (probably its parents).
They look quite similar to Greylag Goose, but with orange legs, a slightly smaller bill, and browner plumage. The juveniles do not have the white foreheads of the adults.

Greater White-fronted is also a rare species in Hong Kong. You're lucky to get a good view for photos - when I have seen this family recent they have been very distant!
Author: Peregrine_2P    Time: 20/11/2016 18:00

Thank you, ajohn. You are amazing!
Author: sdavid    Time: 21/11/2016 15:57

I concur!!!

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