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Subject: [Geese] White-fronted Geese [Print This Page]

Author: Peregrine_2P    Time: 19/11/2016 22:49     Subject: White-fronted Geese

Amazing! Lucky to meet these vagrant geese in Hong Kong
Two white-fronted geese, not sure it is a greater or a lesser one.
Mai Po, Hong Kong
19th November 2016

Image Attachment: White-frontedGeese-20161119Maipo.jpg (19/11/2016 22:49, 175.2 KB) / Download count 178

Author: ajohn    Time: 20/11/2016 12:47

They are Greater White-fronted. As well as the slightly larger size (which is difficult to judge on the photo), they don't have a yellow eye-ring, and the white forehead does not extend as far as on Lesser White-fronted. These are probably the parents of the goose in your other thread.

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