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Subject: [Cranes] Meeting the Crane 鶴見 [Print This Page]

Author: edyip1999    Time: 13/12/2016 16:24     Subject: Meeting the Crane 鶴見

So lucky to meet the Siberian crane in MPNR pond #21-23 in Dec 13 morning. It's been there for over 10 days. Just as Matthew Kwan mentioned in his latest blog on its behavior: the crane kept on feeding itself throughout the morning until it suddenly flew away around noon time.

Image Attachment: IMG_5726a.jpg (13/12/2016 16:24, 163.91 KB) / Download count 191

Image Attachment: IMG_5738a.jpg (13/12/2016 16:24, 165.95 KB) / Download count 192

Image Attachment: IMG_5745a.jpg (13/12/2016 16:24, 48.05 KB) / Download count 203

Author: irsychan    Time: 14/12/2016 10:13

Any sighting of the juvenile?  Only saw the adult bird without the juvenile?
Author: edyip1999    Time: 14/12/2016 17:01

No, just the adult

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