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Subject: New MTR South Island Line [Print This Page]

Author: wgeoff    Time: 26/12/2016 09:26     Subject: New MTR South Island Line

The new MTR South Island Line opens on Wednesday 28 December, connecting Admiralty to South Horizons.

Although this does not go directly to Aberdeen, it should make the journey to the Po Toi Ferry much easier and quicker for many people, especially if you are using the MTR at Admiralty. This is because they have made a new (and very attractive) footpath between Wong Chuk Hang MTR station and Aberdeen waterfront leading right to the Po Toi Ferry station.

Leave Wong Chuk Hang station from exit B and cross the first part of the bridge but don't turn right across the main road. Just go down to road level (a lift and also steps I think), walk past the Cooked Food Market and then the Temple and you are on the new footpath underneath the railway and beside the river. A ten minute walk, mostly under the railway but then including a small bridge crossing takes you to Aberdeen Promenade and the Po Toi Ferry - a total of about 25 minutes from Admiralty including MTR and walk. But leave a few more minutes if you are not familiar with the trip.

Basically you are following the green line towards Aberdeen in the diagram above. The green line is actually the MTR rail line but the footpath runs directly underneath the railway for the first half of the walk.

A good start to 2017.

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