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Subject: [Hong Kong] 生物多樣性行動計劃 2016-21 Biodiversity Action Plan [Print This Page]

Author: K_Chan    Time: 31/12/2016 17:26     Subject: 生物多樣性行動計劃 2016-21 Biodiversity Action Plan

Consultation Period from Jan to April 2017 1月至4月有咨詢期: ... _bsap/con_bsap.html

Just wonder how this Action Plan (AFCD) would rub shoulders with the notion of Biodiversity Enhancement under the "2030plus" (PlanD). Grateful for house views, if any, for members' reference.
Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 19/01/2017 15:12

Thank you for your concern on the issue. The consultation for the BSAP was carried out from 7 January to 8 April 2016. Please see our other post for our submission and comments.


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