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Subject: [Snipe] Bird ID Please [Print This Page]

Author: Mars    Time: 27/03/2017 22:17     Subject: Bird ID Please

Please advise what are these two birds.

Image Attachment: Bird 1.png (27/03/2017 22:17, 497.37 KB) / Download count 120

Image Attachment: Bird 2.png (27/03/2017 22:17, 488.63 KB) / Download count 121

Author: tmichael    Time: 28/03/2017 21:48

Both are Curlew Sandpipers moving into breeding plumage.

In winter plumage they are quite similar to Dunlin, especially in this region, where that species has a longer bill than in some other parts of the world, but in breeding plumage they are quite unmistakeable.
Author: Mars    Time: 28/03/2017 23:35

Thank you very much. It is very difficult to distinguish these shore birds especially when they are transiting to their breeding colors.

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