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Subject: 鬚浮鷗 Whiskered Tern [Print This Page]

Author: derekhon2    Time: 17/05/2017 07:44     Subject: 鬚浮鷗 Whiskered Tern

Tam Kon Chau Road

11 May 2017

鬚浮鷗 Whiskered Tern X5

Author: lexusjohn    Time: 17/05/2017 08:24

Superb capture !!!
Author: ((華仔))    Time: 17/05/2017 10:09

Author: derekhon2    Time: 17/05/2017 12:50     Subject: Thx for appreciation!

In fact, I have learnt a lot from you both when sitting
in Mai Po bird hide. Thank you!

The terns like to fly directly towards the camera and
turn around right in front of you.
Feel very relaxed by just watching their flight.

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