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Subject: [Hong Kong] ID request [Print This Page]

Author: timew    Time: 17/05/2017 10:56     Subject: ID request

Taken at Kowloon Park's Flamingo pond, which is an open top area. Not sure if this bird flew inside the pond area and rested there. Looks like a Lapwing, with slim long legs and a rather short bill. Distinctive black and white in color with white cap down to just above the eyes. Below that, the black goes round the neck and down to the breast. A big black patch on both wings against the white body. Black primaries and tail. I appreciate it if anyone can help identify the bird. Thanks all.

Image Attachment: IMG_20170514_154646a.jpg (17/05/2017 10:56, 133.39 KB) / Download count 45

Image Attachment: IMG_20170514_155407a.jpg (17/05/2017 10:56, 76.56 KB) / Download count 42

Author: wgeoff    Time: 17/05/2017 11:34

This looks like a Blacksmith Lapwing, a plover resident in southern Africa.

I guess it's part of the collection at Kowloon Park.
Author: timew    Time: 17/05/2017 12:25

Oh I see. No wonder I couldn't look it up in local-birds books. Thanks a lot.

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