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Subject: Bean Goose 豆雁 [Print This Page]

Author: Paux    Time: 3/11/2017 21:09     Subject: Bean Goose 豆雁

This evening, a flock of Bean Gooses (6 to 7 nos.)landed at Pond 16 & 17 for a while. I was unable to ID them as Tundra or Taiga Bean Goose.

Image Attachment: IMG_1917bw-compressed.jpg (3/11/2017 21:09, 192.35 KB) / Download count 85

Author: Paux    Time: 3/11/2017 21:10

Image Attachment: IMG_1924bw-compressed.jpg (3/11/2017 21:10, 185.97 KB) / Download count 88

Author: ddavid    Time: 3/11/2017 21:45

At the moment there are four Tundra Bean Geese and three Greater White-fronted Geese on #16/17 at Mai Po. Your first picture shows one of the Tundra Bean Geese.

Author: Paux    Time: 3/11/2017 22:41

Thank you for the info.

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