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Subject: Problems in Renewing FCA Permit [Print This Page]

Author: kc3018    Time: 26/11/2017 18:38     Subject: Problems in Renewing FCA Permit

Please note that the webpage of the online system to apply or renew FCA Permits cannot be found. It is a broken link. Grateful if it can be fixed asap. Thanks a lot.  ( )
Author: ldoris    Time: 4/12/2017 23:12

I called WWF and was told that we had to send in applications in paper form this year!
Author: Sze    Time: 4/12/2018 19:51

Author: kmike    Time: 6/12/2018 08:08

Are there any other ways to obtain this permit?

Since it is a Government-issued permit it seems strange that WWF should be the only channel - especially when the application procedure is so restrictive.

Author: wcaptain    Time: 6/12/2018 10:14

I guess it is about the policy of Police.... they are very strict to the issue of FCA permits, esp who is the representative of applicants.

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