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Subject: [Hong Kong] Hawk ID plaeas [Print This Page]

Author: lhw    Time: 1/12/2017 10:19     Subject: Hawk ID plaeas

30 Nov 17 MP
Is it a escaped bird?

Author: kmike    Time: 1/12/2017 18:44


Any more pix?

Mike K
Author: ddavid    Time: 1/12/2017 20:13

A juvenile Northern Goshawk? There is a device on one of its legs visible in the photograph - an anklet for attaching a leash??

So it does look like an ex-captive bird.

Author: lhw    Time: 1/12/2017 22:30

Here are more pictures.

Author: thebirdguy    Time: 2/12/2017 10:19

Looks like a Northern Goshawk to me. Probably an escape.

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