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Subject: 魚塘觀鳥注意事項 Important note for birding in fishpond [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Johnson    Time: 27/11/2018 16:44     Subject: 魚塘觀鳥注意事項 Important note for birding in fishpond



1.        大部份魚塘屬私人土地,請勿擅自進入已圍上鐵絲網及閘門內的魚塘,尊重村民和漁民的權利;
2.        請留意停泊的車輛會否阻礙其他車輛出入,甚至不自覺地佔用了村民的泊車位(因這些泊車位不一定很明顯);
3.        泊車後,請將聯絡電話張貼於擋風玻璃前或當眼處,以便有需要時聯絡車主。
4.        請愛惜郊野環境,切勿亂拋垃圾,吸煙或喧嘩;



Important note for birding in fishpond
HKBWS is informed by fishpond farmer in Deep Bay area recently about complaint against bird watchers entered the private fishponds for bird watching and photography without the permission of fishpond farmer. Please be reminded the following points when you bird/photograph at fishpond:

1.        Fishpond is mostly owned by private landowner and managed by fishpond farmers. Please do not enter the fishponds bounded with wire netting and gate. Please respect local residents and fishpond farmers;
2.        After parking the car, please note whether the vehicle would obstruct the traffic, or occupied residents’ parking spaces;
3.        Place your contact number in front of the windscreen for emergency contact.
4.        Protect the natural environment, do not litter or smoke. Please keep quiet.

Fishpond and most villages in Deep Bay area are private places, members visiting these areas should respect and not causing any inconvenience to local villagers and residents.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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