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Subject: Me and the Fairy Pitta [Print This Page]

Author: wgeoff    Time: 10/03/2019 19:06     Subject: Me and the Fairy Pitta

Not what you expected?
Well it wasn't what I expected either!

I was out for a Sunday afternoon family bicycle ride in West Kowloon Cultural Park when I was spotted by Christina Chan, HKBWS Education Manager.
She and her team had an HKBWS booth inside the Park to spread wildlife education, particularly with the families and kids there.

One thing they were doing was painting birds on kids faces - so I asked for a Fairy Pitta on my hand - and here it is.
A great piece of work as you can see, by artist Carmen, an officer at WWF Mai Po.
And here is the team at work - Christina just off picture

Well done team - very successful - even the dog has his eyebrows painted!

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Author: mchristine    Time: 11/03/2019 17:49

A very talented group of bird artists.  Well done!
Author: John Holmes    Time: 12/03/2019 11:46     Subject: Fairy Pitta

it's very nice, Geoffo !

One over each eyebrow would be even better...

Well Done the Kowloon Cultural Hub Team !

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