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Subject: [Hong Kong] DUCK ID please! [Print This Page]

Author: derekhon2    Time: 9/11/2019 14:37     Subject: DUCK ID please!

Starling Inlet

9 NOV 2019

Far Far away!

Author: ajohn    Time: 10/11/2019 12:43

Interesting photo - it looks a bit like they are standing off for a fight!

On the left: Chinese Spotbills with what looks like a female Mallard
On the right: mostly Mallards, but I think there's something else in there as well (possibly teal).

A very unusual record, and sadly it is now unusual to see this many spotbills and mallards together. Please be sure to submit the record.
Author: derekhon2    Time: 10/11/2019 15:30

Thank you for your reply!

No more better photo for the identification because I just had a landscape lens for a causal walk.

Sure to submit it if it helps.

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