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Subject: BFS with GPS [Print This Page]

Author: kc3018    Time: 25/10/2020 14:31     Subject: BFS with GPS

Mud Land outside Northern Floating Hide, Mai Po.

It was a hazy day and the birds were far away from the Floating Hide. Pictures were shot against the sun and clear images of the rings could not be obtained.

Image Attachment: _DSC2110-1.jpg (25/10/2020 14:31, 1.1 MB) / Download count 36

Image Attachment: _DSC2117-1.jpg (25/10/2020 14:31, 1.02 MB) / Download count 40

Image Attachment: _DSC2119-1.jpg (25/10/2020 14:31, 1.01 MB) / Download count 30

Author: camanda    Time: 17/11/2020 13:46     Subject: BFS A48 (with transmitter)

Its great to see these photos!
This bird was originally found injured in Mai Po on 20th December 2019 and brought to our Wildlife Rescue Centre, KFBG for care.  Its right wing was quite badly injured, likely from a dog attack.  It recovered and on 30th March it was released in Mai Po.
Rings White/Red/White & Green A48.   Regards Amanda
Author: camanda    Time: 17/11/2020 14:03

Sorry, ring code correction:  White/BLUE/White & Green 48!

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