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Subject: 當AJ遇上Z4. [Print This Page]

Author: M.L.YIP    Time: 8/01/2021 16:54     Subject: 當AJ遇上Z4.


Image Attachment: ADS_2681.jpg (8/01/2021 16:54, 1.47 MB) / Download count 22

Image Attachment: ADS_2683.jpg (8/01/2021 16:54, 918.26 KB) / Download count 20

Author: lkatherine    Time: 10/01/2021 15:51

Thank you!

AJ and Z4 were actually ringed on the same day 20-Sep-2020. Both 1st year bird.
Interesting to see this is the first sighting of AJ while Z4 has been recorded for 5 times since ringed!

Waterbirds Ringing Group
Author: M.L.YIP    Time: 10/01/2021 18:05

Thank you for your interesting information.

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