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Subject: [Hong Kong] 灰背鷗. [Print This Page]

Author: M.L.YIP    Time: 25/03/2023 09:06     Subject: 灰背鷗.


Image Attachment: ZDC_9132.jpg (25/03/2023 09:06, 1.01 MB) / Download count 200

Author: JanJ    Time: 29/04/2023 22:33

the only 1cycle gull I can think of with such fresh looking mainly juvenile wing and structure at this time of year would be a taimyrensis. Nice pic!
Compare with these
Author: M.L.YIP    Time: 30/04/2023 08:56

Thank you JanJ for your expert opinion.
I have clicked in the link as suggested and find that both birds have many similarity.
Thanks a lot.

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