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Subject: Tern Island at Kowloon Bay 九龍灣燕鷗島  [Print This Page]

Author: BWA    Time: 8/10/2007 08:11     Subject: Tern Island at Kowloon Bay 九龍灣燕鷗島 

A flock of 21 Whiskered Terns were foraging and resting at the water channel next to the runway at the old Kai Tak International Airport.

Kowloon Bay 九龍灣
Nikon S10 and D80 300mm f/4

Author: BWA    Time: 16/10/2007 22:21

上星期日 (14/10/07) 有十隻,

10 were seen last Sunday (14/10/07),
probably of another group as none was found earlier on Wednesday by another visitor.

14/10/07 九龍灣 Kowloon Bay
Nikon D80 300mm F/4

Author: BWA    Time: 23/05/2015 19:52

Taken last year

Image Attachment: 140927 DSC_8584.jpg (23/05/2015 19:52, 151.16 KB) / Download count 296

Image Attachment: 140927 DSC_8699.jpg (23/05/2015 19:52, 64.39 KB) / Download count 305

Author: BWA    Time: 10/10/2016 15:57

昨天 9/10/16 在啓德渡輪碼頭有兩隻,今天己不復見。
Two were seen yesterday (9/10/16) near the ferry pier.  Gone today.
Author: BWA    Time: 15/10/2016 17:12

Three were seen today.
Author: BWA    Time: 18/10/2018 12:38

One Whiskered Tern seen at the old airport fire station yesterday morning.  Gone in a few minutes.

Author: BWA    Time: 3/10/2020 18:10

7 Whiskered terns fishing on the north end of Kwun Tong Promenade. Sometimes rested on the buoys next to the old runway.
七隻鬚浮鷗在觀塘海濱公園覓食, 不時在舊機場旁的浮標休息。

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Image Attachment: 201003 KOB.png (3/10/2020 19:25, 720.29 KB) / Download count 32

Author: BWA    Time: 4/10/2020 21:04

Only one this morning, gone in the afternoon.
今早只有一隻, 下午己不見.

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