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Subject: [Oversea] Vulture-killing drug licensed in Tanzania [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS WY    Time: 8/11/2007 16:22     Subject: Vulture-killing drug licensed in Tanzania

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Vulture-killing drug licensed in Tanzania

Investigations by WCST (WildLife Conservation Society of Tanzania, Birdlife in Tanzania), have confirmed that Diclofenac has been licensed for veterinary use in the country.

Diclofenac induces fatal illness in vultures of the Gyps genus. Its use to treat livestock in the Indian subcontinent has driven three Gyps species to the brink of extinction.

An official from Tanzania’s Ministry of Livestock told Paul Nnyiti of WCST that Diclofenac is licensed and stocked in veterinary centres, and available under prescription by qualified veterinary personnel.

“This is shocking news, and means that the threat is far greater than we thought,” said Paul Nnyiti of WCST. “We now fear that Diclofenac may also already be licensed and used in other African countries. BirdLife Partners must work quickly to alert governments and veterinary organisations to the dangers of the drug, and campaign for licenses to be revoked and Diclofenac to be withdrawn from sale throught the African continent.”

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