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Subject: [Ducks] Pintail 針尾鴨 [Print This Page]

Author: kmatthew    Time: 21/12/2007 15:20     Subject: Pintail 針尾鴨

Nam Sang Wai 21/12/2007
20D + 400mm

Author: lwingkay    Time: 21/12/2007 15:33     Subject: Re: Pintail 針尾鴨

The last one from the bottom very interesting in pattern. Very timely capture.
Author: kmatthew    Time: 21/12/2007 15:46

Thanks Wing Kay, I couldn't find a way to present the 3 images as a series of action shots, so I had to stitch them together to achieve this. Hopefully this is not count as cheating... ops:
Author: cchristina    Time: 21/12/2007 16:30

Very nice!! :
Author: kmatthew    Time: 22/12/2007 13:35

Thanks Christina.  
Author: lwingkay    Time: 22/12/2007 17:18

"Hopefully this is not count as cheating..."

Not at all. Indeed, your passion for avian photography is honourable and what you have been doing in this website has been giving me much pleasure in viewing and inspiration for walking abreast with you in avian photography.
Author: lwingkay    Time: 22/12/2007 17:20

Wrong entry

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