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Subject: [Cormorants] Great Cormorant [Print This Page]

Author: cwchan    Time: 5/01/2008 21:28     Subject: Great Cormorant

Re-opening of Mai Po

Digiscopic image : 30X scope + Nikon 8400

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Author: lwingkay    Time: 5/01/2008 22:19     Subject: Re: Great Cormorant

#1 awesome for its sharpness and definition. #2 for the timely capture which is so difficult for digiscoping. Nothing is impossible with you Wing in the realm of digiscoping.
Author: tbob    Time: 5/01/2008 22:45


They are both great shots - Congratulations
Author: tbob    Time: 5/01/2008 22:46

double posted -
Author: wrobert    Time: 6/01/2008 22:33

Great shots Wing.

I, in particular, like the top one, its details and colour. The timely capture at No.2 is not an easy task.


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