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Subject: A message from a Swedish birder [Print This Page]

Author: kjoseph    Time: 26/01/2008 20:24     Subject: A message from a Swedish birder

Hi All,

A birder from Swedish just add me through MSN today and ask for my help to forward his message there because he can't activate his a/c.
Please remove my message if I post at wrong place, thanks.



I'm a Swedish biology student, and keen birder and ringer. I'll be staying in HK 28-31 January and I'm planning to do some birding. I haven't been able to register on the HKBWS Forum yet (still awaiting activation of my account), but now I try to get in touch with fellow birders anyway (contact details from the HKBWS forum). I plan to go to Mai Po 29 Jan, and then I'd like to get to Tai Po Kau 30 Jan. However, at least for Tai Po Kau, with lots of swift forest birds, I suppose I'd be quite lost without the company of a local birder... Therefore I'd just like to check if there's anyone planning to go for some birding at Tai Po Kau next week, and who wouldn't mind some company. Is there any chance that you could forward this message to the HKBWS forum? I'd be very grateful!

If this message makes it to the forum (or if you yourself is interested), and if anyone is interested in going birding with me, please contact me by e-mail on, msn, or skype martin.stervander. I would be very happy to get in touch with someone!

Best regards from a rainy and cold Sweden,
Martin Stervander

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