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Subject: [Pelicans] Dalmatian Pelican 卷羽鵜鶘 (record photo) [Print This Page]

Author: cwchan    Time: 27/02/2008 22:55     Subject: Dalmatian Pelican 卷羽鵜鶘 (record photo)

Mai Po

A record photo showing the relative size of this big bird and the ducks around.

Heavy heat haze today, you can see from the background.

Digiscopic image.

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Author: hkwongkit    Time: 28/02/2008 10:12

A good enough record shot, Wing!

Looks like your subject was miles away even from the new hide!!!  
Light was not ideal either ...
Author: cwchan    Time: 28/02/2008 10:48

Thanks KK,

Yes, it was miles away at the time I arrived the scene.
Only three shots were taken before flying away to the direction of TBT, I am a slow worker.   ops:

Heat haze like mist in front of your eyes yesterday.

Hoping a clean sky in the coming days.  


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Author: Hendrix    Time: 28/02/2008 15:34

still see it today , but AFDC 飛魚號 come many time today , drive it more far  away  :evil:
Author: Hendrix    Time: 28/02/2008 21:23

28/2  MPNR

Author: wrobert    Time: 2/03/2008 23:05

A good record shots...  Wing, Hendrix  8)

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