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Subject: [Hong Kong] Greater Flamigo Chick [Print This Page]

Author: cwchan    Time: 14/08/2008 20:42     Subject: Greater Flamigo Chick

Happy to see this lovely baby today on the warm sunshine.
Kowloon Park

Digiscopic shots : Nikon 8400 + 30X scope

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Author: lchunfai    Time: 14/08/2008 21:00

thx for sharing these great photos with us
Author: HKBWS Vicky    Time: 15/08/2008 10:05

haha... so cute!!! I love the "chicken wing"
Author: tbob    Time: 15/08/2008 13:35


2 lovely shots, it certainly shows the power of digiscoping

Author: HKBWS Bonnie    Time: 15/08/2008 14:19

I like the pair of "elephant legs"~
Author: tbob    Time: 15/08/2008 19:43

This is a shot taken at the same time as Wings 2 beautiful shots. It is a frame captured of video.

Canon HV10 at max focal length 436mm looking through a Swarovski ATS 80HD scope with a 20-60x eyepiece set at maximum power of 60x. Lens equivalent of 26,100mm. The shot is full frame.

Is that after birth around the eye of the chick?, it can just be seen in Wings shot


Image Attachment: [Flamingo chick] IMG_5097ff.jpg (15/08/2008 19:43, 122.76 KB) / Download count 194

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