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Subject: Mangrove Seedling Clearance Works - 2008 清除紅樹樹苗工作 [Print This Page]

Author: WWF Mai Po    Time: 22/09/2008 11:50     Subject: Mangrove Seedling Clearance Works - 2008 清除紅樹樹苗工作







Mangrove Seedling Clearance Works - 2008

Every year since 1985, WWF has cleared mangrove seedlings from the area of inter tidal mudflat in front of the floating bird-watching hides. This is necessary to maintain the area as a valuable feeding habitat for waterbirds as well as to promote ecological research, education and birdwatching (Figure 1).

WWF staff and contractors will commence the 2008 clearance works today and continue through to October. Our work is monitored by AFCD, who together with Districts Lands Office, give us their consent each year upon approval of a WWF impact assessment report.

Our staff and contractors will only work during periods of low tide when the waterbirds in front of the hides are very few in number. Please do not mistake these workers for illegal fishermen! You will see them stepping seedlings into the mud, something the fishermen would not be doing.

If you require any further information please telephone the WWF Mai Po Office on 2471-6212 and ask for either Janet Lee or Bena Smith.

At the same time, AFCD's contractors are working on the Sonneratia tree removal work on the mudflat. Sonneratia is an invasive exotic mangrove species which is found to out-complete the native species and can quickly invade the mudflat area, reducing the feeding area for waterbirds.

圖1 過往清除紅樹樹苗的情況
Figure 1 Example of previous clearance work

Author: hkwongkit    Time: 22/09/2008 20:18

This is what it looks like through the shutter of the boardwalk hides ...

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